Company Profile

The basic activities of the Elektrocentar Petek company (ECP) are providing services –the production and installation of a facility’s parts and installation elements or installation – under normal conditions as well as under specific conditions of research facilities to provide and process oil and gas with the possibility of creating an explosive atmosphere.

The ISO 9001:2000 Standards accepted by ECP require the application of described processes during the offer (bidding), the supply of materials and equipment, the production and performing process, the final research and documentation management.

Along with quality engineering professionals- professional and fitter staff, several years experience working with equipment, facilities and installations in an explosive contaminated atmosphere, we hold a certificate from the ex-agency for supervision-maintenance, repair and production of installations.
The technical services of our company include four specialised branches based on the business requirements.

A part of the service industry includes a workshop for maintenance, repair and installation of equipment in ex-peformance, first required by INA Naftapllin oil industry, JANAF, CROSCO, Plinacro as well as owners of equipment in ex-performance.

With its abilities and high quality workshops, the company meets the needs of many other investors-performance and montage of facilities and equipment for electric power industry: transformer stations of 35 kV, up to 35 kV, middle voltage and low voltage transmittors, public lighting cabinets with and without lighting regulations, binding and transmitting cabinets for electroenergetic and instrumentation, frequency regulated departments for the technological facilities, etc.
In addition, we have developed our own production programme: a „mobile“ transformer station which can be moved with equipment from one location to another in a short period of time and we have enhanced power supply public lighting cabinets and developed a part of the lighting programme.

Special teams of the company are involved in the construction of energetic and instrumentation facilities in capital buildings at the state level in co-operation with the most prominent companies in Croatia:

  • Main gas pipeline Kutina-Zagreb and main gas pipeline Pula-Karlovac, including all buildings on its route
  • Energetic system, lighting and signalisation system on highway routes in Croatia, as required by Croatian Highways, Croatian Roads and local investors

Specialised groups of engineering and fiter staff are capable of performing construction work of complex electric power systems, industrial facilities for oil production and large industrial facilities.

We have the specialision and equipment to construct and maintain the following systems:

  • Aerial and middle voltage conduits, up to 35 kV;
  • Middle voltage networks (aerial and cable) and facility connections; – public lighting with and without regulation;
  • Break-downs detection, analysis and elimination of break-downs on low voltage cables;
  • Middle and low voltage connections and installations for industrial facilities and buildings, large apartment buildings as well as residences.

All work is performed with quality materials, the most modern technology, equipment and instruments.
Due to the special needs of the mobile phone networks in Croatia (VIPnet and TEL 2), we have been performing construction work on stations along with antenna systems with qualified employees.

A large number of investors in Croatia have been using our specialised service teams for the installation and maintenance of air-conditioning systems. We use well-known air-conditioning equipment, ranging from small individual devices to complex systems for capital industrial, business and tourist facilities.
In order to keep up with modern technology of information transmission, we possess the most sophisticated equipment for installing telecommunication canalisation, calibration (sizing) of installed pipes, insertion and blowing of telecommunication cables- classical and optical.

Specially qualified and equipped workers for works with multi-core systems of fibre-optic communications carry out work on the most demanding routes of information systems for various users.
For all work we carry out, either construction of new objects, reconstruction or maintenance, we have organised a building team in our company that is equipped with modern and quality machines and equipment to complete required tasks.